Yacht maintenance: High-Quality Parts and Materials

If you are one of the hundreds of exhibitors attending this year’s Palm Beach International Boat Show, you better than most know that while owning a yacht is a great privilege, maintenance and repair can be a challenge. This is especially true when you travel. Things tend to break at the most inconvenient moments, and ordering and installing new parts is a challenge because you may be far from your regular supplier or need a part that is out of production.

If you’re in town for the Palm Beach International Boat Show and want to explore your options for new parts, come meet the Halo team.

Here Halo Aerospace, we can facilitate your vessel’s maintenance and repair, and can create most parts within 72 hours.

How Halo can fabricate a new part

Create a part starts with creating the file. Our state-of-the-art 3D scanner can produce a digital model our engineers can use to make a new part, and you keep the file for future production. This can come in handy next time you need the same part again.

A 3D scan can be used to alter or change the part, and then sent to production via 3D printing or traditional CNC. We can cut, route, mill, lathe, and weld materials like metals, woods and more.


When creating parts for your vessel with 3D printing, you are fully in control. This includes a part’s material, color, and additional details, such as branding with a logo. 

Halo can create vessel parts using a wide range of materials. The most popular materials for boats are ABS, PET, Carbon Fiber composites, PLA and Nylon.

You are most likely already familiar with most of these materials and are using parts and products made out of them on your boat and in your daily life. 

For example, many of the ropes on your boat are likely to be made out of nylon. Nylon is shatter resistant, flexible, and very durable. This makes it a great choice for not just ropes, but also hinges and other parts that require durability.

In addition to these qualities, nylon allows for movement, making it an excellent material for all kinds of mounts on a vessel.

PLA is biodegradable corn-based plastic. It is one of the most popular plastics in the world. Many plastic cups and food containers are made of PLA.

Because of it is biodegradable, PLA is not a good choice for outdoor parts and accessories, but it’s a great low-cost option for many indoor parts that you need to be strong and durable. 

ABS is a strong heat-resistant, corrosion resistant and UV-resistant plastic. ABS is great for parts and accessories that are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time on a regular basis, such as gears and holders. 

Carbon Fiber composite is extremely strong but expensive. It is also light-weight and chemically resistant. When you use carbon fiber-infused PLA, you get the best properties of both materials. Parts made out of this combination have the strength of carbon fiber and durability of PLA.

PET is heat-resistant, durable and has a glossy finish. It differs from nylon in that it doesn’t allow for movement. Some of the examples of parts for which PET is a great fit are gaskets, covers, and enclosures.

Benefits compared to traditional methods

Compared to regular manufacturing, 3D printing has a number of advantages.

The first is fast turnaround. When you order a part from Halo, you don’t have to wait for weeks for a manufacturer to produce your part and then ship it to you from a different part of the world. Halo creates vessel parts in Florida and with a rush order, you can get your part in 48 hours. 

When you order a custom part from us, you can customize it and select its material and make changes in color or design by adding a logo. 

By choosing materials and changing design where necessary, you have the freedom to purchase exactly what you need while avoiding the expenses associated with traditional manufacturing methods. 

If you are in Florida for the Palm Beach International Boat Show, Halo is a great option for your maintenance needs. Stop by our office and ask us about parts, accessories, branding, customization and more.

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