Quick Custom Boat Parts

The Palm Beach Boat Show is starting this weekend, and if you need something done quick, Halo can help.

Whether you need to replace a part that broke or want a new accessory for your yacht for the show, we can fabricate anything from utility to aesthetic parts in different materials and colors. If you’ve arrived in West Palm Beach and realized that one of your yacht’s parts needs a replacement, we are ready to help. We’ll create a custom-built part for your vessel, and can have it ready by showtime. 

Creating quick custom boat parts

When you buy parts from a dealer, finding small items such as brackets, holders and clips can be a challenge, yet these parts are some of the easiest to create quickly with 3D scanning and printing. What’s more, you can customize the parts in any way you want.

If you need a part that you own a digital file for, we can use the file you have to quickly print you a part in whatever color or material you need. If you don’t have a file, we can scan the part to be replaced, and create a file for new prints. This is especially beneficial if you need to replace a part that is out of production or a part that can’t get to you on time -not only do you get an exact replica of what you need, but you can keep the file for future prints. 

3D scanning also works to recreate a part with custom modifications, be it a different color, addition, or logo. We can create custom modifications from our own 3D scanned file, or we can work with a provided file. 

We’re a local company with an office right in downtown West Palm Beach and we do all manufacturing on-site or with trusted partners so communication will be clear and turnaround time is quick.

Utility and aesthetics in custom parts

With traditional manufacturing, all parts come from one assembly line and look the same. With 3D manufacturing, there is no limit to possibilities. If you have a vision, Halo can help you turn it into reality. If you would like to learn about what is possible and what options you have, one of our staff engineers Halo will guide you.

We create parts for utility and aesthetics. If you need a part for the engine or you need to replace a new handle, we can help. On the other hand, if you would like to duplicate existing fixtures to customize, we allow the ability to change color, design, or material.

Here are some easily customizable parts that we can create for you quickly:

  • Grab rails — You can change a color, material, and add a logo
  • Holder mount flagpoles
  • Custom speaker trims
  • All kinds of gear holders, for example trolling motor drink and gear holder that can come in the custom color of your choice
  • Innovative doors that naturally shed water and have water-resistant seal design
  • Swim Platform Inserts
  • Unique custom documentation boards

Materials and colors

Halo can create equipment in various materials and colors, including carbon fiber, nylon, PLA, ABS, and PETG. Often times clients are surprised that we can create parts from any material, including metal, with the exception of pure glass. Here is a brief overview of materials we use:

  • PLA or Polylactic Acid is one of the most popular plastics in the world. PLA is corn-based and biodegradable, which is why it is not a good choice for outdoor parts, but an excellent choice for indoor parts that won’t warp.
  • ABS is an impact-resistant, tough plastic that does not rust or corrode. ABS is also resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures from -4F to 176F. It works well as a source material for parts that are exposed to the sun on a regular basis.
  • Carbon Fiber is highly stiff, extremely lightweight, highly resistant to chemical reactions and tolerant to a wide range of temperatures. The only disadvantage of the material is the price. 
  • Nylon is a strong and flexible polymer. It is an excellent choice for custom radio mounts, hinges and other parts where functional strength is a must.
  • PETG is a durable and flexible plastic with a glossy surface that, unlike nylon, doesn’t bounce back. Consider using PETG if you are looking to 3D print custom gaskets, covers or enclosures for mechanical parts.

Easy quick change of aesthetics 

With 3D printing, you are fully in charge of both the material your parts will be made of and the look of the parts. If you want to do something different for the show, you can change the color, add logos, change the functionality of the parts and more.

Here at Halo, we’re your partner in local marine industry manufacturing. Contact us today, or come by and visit our office. 

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