Personalizing and customizing yacht accessories

The Palm Beach International Boat Show starts this week, so you want to be sure your yacht looks its best among the mega yachts, super boats, and other luxury vessels. 

If you’re selling a yacht at the boat show, it is important to understand that you are competing with other yachts in your category. There are small things you can do to stand out in your category. This can be similar to what is happening in many other markets and environments.

Your first task in making your boat look unique is to identify your category and to realize that you are not competing with every other boat at the show. That said, there are several ways to give your yacht a unique look. They include changing branding, changing material, and changing colors or color scheme. You can also change shapes, add designs and logos, and create something with a new function.  

Changing branding

Most people know about branding from advertising done by companies with large budgets and a long-term strategy. Examples of such companies include McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Apple, and others. 

The good news is that building a brand does not always require a lot of marketing dollars. Once you figure out your demographic and their reasons to be interested in your yacht, you can create effective branding for your vessel. Branding can be aggressive and flashy, but it can also be subtle. 

Changing color

Changing colors can be a part of a brand change. You can change the current color scheme, add color, or add a company logo. 

This can be done easily — changing the color of upholstery, or changing the color of small fixtures like speaker covers or handles. 

Changing shape and materials

Here at Halo, we can help you create new parts quickly, inexpensively, and add a branding touch to them. For example, if you need to replace deck cup holders, we can print them and have a new set for you in just a few days. 

When you create a new part with 3D printing, you can customize the parts any way you want, including adding your logos and changing or modifying colors.

Materials available and what they can do

We can print parts from virtually any material available, from carbon fiber composite to nylon. The most popular options for yacht owners are the following:

  • Nylon is durable, flexible and shatter resistant. It is a great choice for parts such as hinges and radio mounts. 
  • ABS is strong and can withstand ultraviolet exposure, but does not adhere well.
  • PLA is one of the most popular bioplastics in the world. Plastic cups and tea bags are typically made out of PLA. The biggest issue with PLA is that it can warp. The material is corn-based, so it is biodegradable but not a good choice for outdoor use. 
  • Carbon Fiber is extremely light, durable and strong, making it a good fit for parts and components that experience a lot of wear. 

We can help you create parts to add unique touches to your boat that will make your vessel truly stand out during the show. We will create parts you have not been able to locate or purchase through a dealer. 

We manufacture right here in Florida, so you can count on fast production and excellent quality. Come by our office today to talk about personalization on your yacht, and see what we can do for you.

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