Customizing parts for the yacht industry

No matter how old or rare your yacht, you know what a hassle it can be to get a part you need. First, you have to contact an authorized reseller or a dealer. If the part is rare, they need to contact the manufacturer and possibly back order the part. Next, you have to wait for the production and shipping, and hope that they actually do send the part you ordered. If they don’t, you have to repeat the process — and that’s more time wasted.

There is a better way

Enter Halo Aerospace. We are located in West Palm Beach and can design, prototype, and manufacture virtually any part you may need for your yacht using our 3D printing equipment and experience right here in South Florida. You will not have to wait weeks or months until your part ships from China, hope that the quality is what you are looking for, or communicate with someone in a different time zone on the other end of the globe about the status of your package.

What is 3D printing and how does it work?

You may have read articles about rapid developments in technology and amazing things that robots and automation can do these days. There is a lot of information in the press and on TV about Elon Musk working on Hyperloop, Google, Apple, and General Motors building self-driving cars and so on.

Media is mostly focused on flashy big stories and what is often left untold is that some of the technological developments are closer than you think. Some of them, like additive manufacturing, can significantly improve your life today.

Halo Aerospace has been using 3D printing to work with clients in construction, automotive, aviation, medical, military, and marine industries. The company has been in business since 2013 and has invested over $300,000 into top-of-the-line equipment. Just in 2014 Halo Aerospace had over 200 clients that it helped with all kinds of projects from connectors for a circuit board to a custom 4-foot vase.

When you hear the words “3D Printing,” you may think about photo printing and traditional printers that print two-dimensionally. In reality, 3D printers are much closer in functionality and capabilities to manufacturing robots and equipment than to traditional printers.

To learn more about 3D printing, visit our guide on What Is 3D Printing? (← insert link)

3D printing parts for your vessel

3D printing is a practical and easy way to create customized and branded parts for a yacht. It also offers a number of benefits that dealing with retailers doesn’t. For example, when working with Halo, you are not limited to a catalog of parts.

When working with Halo, you have three options:

  • Recreate the parts that are available from retailers, often faster, at a lower price, or with enhanced or changed qualities. You can create parts that suit your preferences or taste better, in different colors, materials, or shapes. 
  • Build parts that the retailers stopped selling. Here again, Halo can not only recreate parts, but also customize them during the creation process. 
  • Create custom parts for your vessel that retailers are not able to provide.

At Halo, we can help you in all three scenarios.

Local examples

For example, we recently worked with a client who wanted a new light for his yacht. He couldn’t order one from retailers because the light was out of production. Once the client realized the possibilities of Halo, he decided that he didn’t want to simply get a replacement light. He changed the design, and had Halo create a more modern and robust flat light instead of the original dome light.

Another scenario we see often has to do with branding and personalization. Many yachts are branded, but often a yacht’s smaller components, like speakers, are not. Our customization capacities allow for branding of virtually any part on the yacht, including lights and speakers. We can help you with anything and everything from creating custom speaker covers to using 3D printing to manufacture shields with your company’s logo that you can place on any equipment you like. For any part, including the logos, we can customize material, shape and color.

Finally, Halo can truly help you unleash your creativity and create parts, accessories, and specialized pieces that traditional retailers don’t cater to. With Halo’s 3D printing capabilities you can create radio holders, GPS holders, holders for navigation equipment, accessories for furniture, and more.

Here at Halo Aerospace, we can help you change and customize the look of your yacht. Regardless of materials, shapes, colors, and sizes, your desires are the limit and Halo’s engineers are here to turn it into reality.

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