Custom Yacht Equipment and Parts

With the Palm Beach International Boat Show approaching, not a single day goes by without a yacht cruising across the horizon. 

With the increased presence of yachts in town, though, comes more competition. The boat show is about having a perfect vessel — What if you arrive in sunny Palm Beach, and your yacht needs some repairs?

Normally, you would contact a dealer and order replacement parts. However, the dealer may not have the part you need in stock and you would have to wait weeks for your parts to arrive. All of that, hoping the dealer has the part and praying that it doesn’t get lost in the mail. 

There is a quicker, easier, and more efficient way to get parts for your yacht right here in West Palm Beach. 

Halo is a West Palm Beach-based engineering manufacturer that utilizes cutting-edge technology like 3D printing, 3D scanning, and CNC and fabrication services for several industries, including the marine industry. We will be your local partner in preparing your vessel for the show, assisting with everything from custom-crafted utility to aesthetics parts.

Manufacturing for utility

Our capabilities here at Halo go far beyond traditional manufacturing. Our engineers can also fabricate yacht parts using traditional CNC and fabrication. We can cut, route, mill, lathe, and weld metals, woods and more. 

We can custom-create almost any part you might need to repair or replace, often faster and at a lower price compared to other options. 

This is especially true of custom-built vessels, which often do not readily have reference material for the parts. If you need a part, we can 3D scan and manufacture it in time for the show.

If you need a mechanical fix, whether it is something as small as a handle for a drawer or as vital as a gasket for the engine, we can create it for you. Many antique vessels have a hard time finding parts, much less on a deadline when a show is approaching. We can 3D scan a part, change it according to your requirements and manufacture it for you, even if the deadline is tight.

Manufacturing for aesthetics

In addition to creating parts for utility purposes, we can also manufacture parts for aesthetic purposes. This can include anything and everything from a piece of custom art to a functional part branded with a logo. Working with Halo will give you the ability to change an object’s color, geometry, material, or fit.

Finally, we can help you create custom tools or objects. We can create object replacements with custom logos, monograms, or the name of your yacht, giving your vessel a unique touch that your competitors are not likely to have.

What materials does Halo use?

Here at Halo, we are able to work with a variety of materials, like ABS, Nylon, PLA, Carbon fiber composite, and PETG, which give you unmatched flexibility and options.

For instance, ABS is a durable, pliable plastic that does not corrode and that can withstand exposure to the sun, making it a great choice for parts such as deck cup holders. Nylon is great for hinges and other parts that move a lot. PLA doesn’t warp and is biodegradable, which is why it is excellent for when you need indoor parts made out of a cheap material. Carbon fiber is lightweight, strong and doesn’t rust. PETG is similar to nylon but doesn’t bounce back, and is a great material for covers and enclosures.

To learn more about 3D printing materials for the marine industry, read 3D Printing Materials for Yachts

Using 3D scanning technology, we can quickly create identical or modified parts. Our 3D scanner provides 50 to 100-micron accuracy, and size is never a limitation. 

Win at the Boat Show

As the Palm Beach International Boat Show approaches, Halo Aerospace can help you create the parts you want, when you want them, and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing.

Halo Aerospace is the only local company that does 3D printing and scanning for marine manufacture right in West Palm Beach. When you work with us, the standard turnaround time is less than 2 weeks. 72-hour rush delivery is also available, and for the boat show we are offering custom turnaround times depending on your needs. 

Do you urgently need something for the boat show? Halo will get it done faster than any of our local competitors! Call us today at (561) 247-3921. 

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