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The mission

Simply Space – no gimmicks, no complicating of the facts, we keep things streamlined and driven to move aerospace forward at a pace that has been unprecedented as well as creating a reliability second to none.

Our Story

Having origins from Halo Technologies, Halo Aerospace was created in order to focus on lowering the cost of space travel and increase the reliability and safety for the masses.

Meet the Leadership Team

Our team is ever expanding just like space (for real, look it up!)



Founder & CEO

The guy who is going to fly you into space for under $1000 one day soon.



Senior Engineer

Did you know roller coasters and rockets use similar technology?


Aldo R. ESQ.

Of Counsel

Did you know space law is a thing? Just call me the intergalactic attorney.

Want to learn more...

Want to learn more about our team or how we can help yours? Drop us a line today. We would love to chat!